Thu, Aug 27 | Webinar

Importance Of Spiritual Protection with Najaam P Lee

Learn how we lost touch with our energy and disconnected from our ancestors, that now, we are spinning, unprotected and played with by the seen and unseen. Learn why its so important to have Spiritual Protection.
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Aug 27, 2020, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

About The Event

Have you ever experienced BAD LUCK like a domino affect and you have no clue why?

Have you ever woke up on the "wrong side of the bed" and your day keeps getting worse?

Having money issues? Like you take a step forward, but quickly fall two steps back?!

I have been there and its not the greatest feeling. Actually it makes you feel helpless, out of control, lack self confidence and trust. I hated these emotions and i hated how my life was going at the time. It was not successful and definitely NOT protective. It just seemed like a bad situation happened almost every week to consistently every day! 

I seriously lost myself and lost my life. 

I could not get a grip! I was suicidal. I desperately wanted it to end. 

And, it was listening to motivational speakers and videos that woke me up to look within and what I realized is that 


Side note: You can easily forget this when shit hits the fan in your life.

I began inquiring about spiritual protection and connecting to Ancestors. 

What is it ? and why is it so magical? 

I did feel a little scared at first, but I had hit "rock bottom" and needed anything that would lift me out of this mess. 

That night, I had a dream and was visited by one of my uncles. 

And then the next morning, I had recieved a call and money was sent to me Western Union. 

Then the next night, another dream happened and it was my grandmother 

I got a notebook and pen the next morning, and every day since,  I would write my goals, and listen to a audiobook. 

These family visits kept happening and I realized my close ancestors were here with me. 

What I 

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