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Your choice to walk this path or fly on this path, is one of the most amazing, important decisions you have EVER made in your life. In fact its NUMBER 1. 

The Spiritual Path is a Spiritual Lifestyle. Its not a book you pick up one day, read a couple pages, then put it down. No! This is truly a life to be lived and experienced. 


In this 3 week session of Spiritual Life Coaching, I will be your guide, your partner, walking along with you on this spiritual journey. No, I'm not a spiritual babysitter. I am someone who will assist you through this Self Rediscovery in spirituality, and guide towards the spiritual goal you desire to attain. 


Everyone's journey is different, therefore on day 1 we do a Consulation Assessment to determine where you are mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. Then map out the 3 weeks session. 

Where you are presently will help determine the path to follow. We call this Mirror Reflection. 


Somethings that we cover in the sessions ( remember every client is different):

  1. Past childhood traumas
  2. Pains
  3. Fears and blockages
  4. Career/Business
  5. Family including parents,relatives, kids etc
  6. Love relationships
  7. Dreams and Aspirations
  8. Raised religions 
  9. Thought process - how do you view life vs how do you view your life
  10. Openess
  11. Health
  12. Higher Self 
  13. Spiritual practices 


This is a 3 week session, with online-meeting( 2 times a week for 3 weeks. Includes weekly assignments, journaling and being open to your spirit and flow. This is to align with your Higher Self and the Mother-Father Light within and move you to the Next Level of your Ascension or Evolution. 


I truly look forward to meeting you and being a guide for you on this beautiful spiritual journey.


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Najaam Lee


What You Should Know

The Monthly Payment PLAN allows you (the Client) to pay the program tuition plus service fee over a six (6) month period or a three (3) month period, rather than full price at the start. You will recieve an agreement in your inbox, that lays out your monthly payment schedule.