Lift My Mind

How to go from having a restless - anxious mind to being in Spiritual Bliss and sound mind.

Discover a 3 step Process for a stronger, clearer mindset and become your true spiritual expression.

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Join Najaam P Lee as she reveals the secrets she uses to get rid of having a restless - anxious mind to being more clear, calm and in full expression of Self.   click to sign up here 

Do you find yourself wanting more peace , more tranquility at home and at work?

Do you feel overwhelmed at times and your thoughts seemed to cloud your mind? 

Do you find yourself longing for better inner -understanding of you? 

I have been there, more than 100 times and I know it can rattle and affect your day, your mood and create a ripple that friends, family and even coworkers feel it too. 

You feel like you are losing your grip on life, on just the normal things. .. right! 

If you want to stop losing your grip to a restlessness- anxious mind, you need to drop all titles.

Najaam P Lee will teach you how to align with sound mind to experience spiritual bliss during this 90 minute online training.

Tune In So You Can Discover:

1. Pattern Recognition

2. How to see and live in the NOW

3. Let all the titles go!

4. Mantra Meditation

If you want to learn the same strategies that have helped hundreds of my students transform their restlessness to bliss... During this 90 minute online training, I'm  going to share the most important step so you can Achieve this. 

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