Breaking Down Anxiety- Spiritually!

Webinar Presented by Najaam Lee

A Free Webinar Session For Ones Experiencing or Have Experienced Anxiety

Wednesday 11:11 am

Welcome to the BREAKING DOWN ANXIETY SPIRITUALLY Webinar with Najaam Lee.
We have all experienced anxiety, stress, worry, fatigued in some form or another. And most times because we don't deal with it, its brushed under the rug every time until at some point a person will "fall out and have a Meltdown." You may hear it as "exhaustion".
Today I've put together a no-cost webinar (Yes, it's FREE!) showing you the process I went through to learn how to reduce my anxiety and more. Stay till the end of the webinar and Ill show you how you can work with me and my team if that's something you want to do! Enjoy the webinar.
Najaam Lee

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