What are you tolerating or putting up with? and Wny?

Do you feel as if you lost yourself especially in your relationship? 

Have you given your POWA away hoping for something more in return? How? 

If you answered Yes to any or all questions above, then you have been experiencing pain either mentally, emotionally or physically and its come to a point that a change is necessary. I invite you to a Discovery Call. Click below to schedule yours now. 



Every single individual has patterns, behaviours, and memories that hold them back in life, in work, in personal growth. NAJAAM LEE'S HEALNG TEMPAL, a renown spiritual-transformational life and relationship coaching space, is here to help you on your new journey. Through expert advice, proactive coaching with assignments, and custom healing services will excell you and your life like never before. Book a FREE Discovery Call today to find the change you’ve been seeking.

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What They’re Saying

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I want to thank Najaam for helping me by getting my life back to me. I first came to her because I was at my broken point in life. I didn't know who or what I was at that point. I didn't know my purpose in life. my life took a turn in 2019 when the people you love and your family turn on you when you finally decided to take care of yourself for a change. I didn't know how to handle the betrayer of people that you have love with all your heart and have taken care of them all of their life. I was so hurt and I didn't know what to do. I loved cooking and my spirit was broken. I didn't want to cook anymore and that was not me. Cooking bring me joy and it was not there any more. Najaam started by helping me to understand why the betrayal was happen. I couldn't understand that the people that I loved and help all of their life would act like that. It was because of jealous and control. She also help me understand my purpose in life. Najaam help me learn to love myself and not be afraid of saying no. With family and in a relationship. I learn if that person is not for me I had to let them go. I had a lot of family people in my life that I had to let go and it hurt at first but it felt good also. I learn that I need to stop trying to fit in or be part of other people life. We started from the time I was a child all the drama I went through that I thought I had handle all those hurt but all of them came back. I learn because my parents did do their job of taking care of me does not been that I was not love even if it wasn't my parents. We work through all of my hurt and fears. For six month this is what she has done for me. She help me put my light back into my life. she taught me that I don't have to have fear when someone can't love me the way I should be love. If that person can't love me let them go. I had been in many relationship when I was the one giving more. never saying no when I should have. Now since I know now my worth I'm not afraid of saying no when I need to stand up for myself. She help me to know what kind of man I want in my life. what I will put up with and what I will not. Now I know how to love myself and be happy going forward, Najaam help me through everything and I want everyone to know how great she is. She patient and listen to all of your problem. She will be there with you through it all. I thank her for being there for me and walking me through all of my hurt. She has made me understand the person I am. For now on everyone will see the real Janice . Thank to Najaam for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel. She not just my spiritual guide also a good friend for life. She knows everything about me. You can't go wrong selecting Najaam to help you.

Janice A Dean


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Secrets to Removing The Illusions We Believe When We Are Anxious. 

Written by Najaam P Lee 

Healing 1 anxiety episode at a time. Get the right tools you need to begin the process of reducing anxiety and Taking Back Your Power! 


Dimension: 6 x 9 in./152 x 229 mm. 

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